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Leifeng Pagoda


Leifeng Pagoda was first built in 975 by the King of Wuyue, Qian Hongchu, to celebrate the birth of a son by one of his favorite concubines, Huangfei. The body of the pagoda was made of bricks, but the eaves, balconies, inside landings were made of wood. And Leifeng Pagoda was famous of a legend. Xuxian and Bai Suzhen, they love each other, but the evil monk Fahai separated them and imprisoned them under Leifeng Pagoda. What a sad love story. Leifeng pagoda was rebuilt in 2002. The newly-built pagoda strictly adheres to the style and appearance of the original one, and is 70.7 meters high. In ancient time, Leifeng Pagoda and Baochu Pagoda stood far apart facing each other. From the shape of them, Leifeng Pagoda is bigger than Baochu Pagoda, so we also called Leifeng Pagoda was a gentlemen pagoda, Baochu Pagoda was a lady pagoda.